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Redemption at Outpost 56 is a Metroidvania-style platformer, where you take control of Alex Tanzen - a researcher framed for the murder and destruction of the inhabitants of Outpost 56. Sentenced to death, you escape prison prior to your sentence being carried out and return to the Outpost to gather the evidence in order to clear your name.

Collect the four data disks in the four areas of the Outpost and return to your ship. Unfortunately, in your escape you were unable to recover a weapon. Dodge enemies, or stomp them (jump on them) to kill. Watch out for the spikey guys, they're invincible.

Move left/right: Left/right arrowkeys
Jump: Shift
Ground slide: Down+Shift
Walljump: Press shift while against a wall in mid-air
Wall slide: Press left/right against the wall while falling
Esc: Quit to menu

Window settings: (Press 1-5 keys)
1: Full screen, stretched
2: Full screen, perfect pixel ratio
3: Windowed, 1x
4: Windowed, 2x
5: Windowed, 3x

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Published219 days ago
AuthorMidnight Mastodons
Tags16-bit, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Retro, Space
Player countSingleplayer


Redemption at Outpost 56.exe (25 MB)

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